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Because Kevin Kolenda's business has very very limited information about it  . . . . some very atrocious fallacies are thrown out there by the uninformed or very unscrupulous competitors or what we like to call LOWBALL Approach = "those who cannot talk well enough about themselves or their own business, need to downgrade others in order to make themselves look good"  ANYWAY hers a couple of doozzies LOL :)
1.)  it was reported by a few business competitors that I was the one that "ratted" them out to state regulatory agency(s). Since it cost s fortune to file for "true discovery" and find out the correct source of the true culprit and NOT ONE competitor has that kinda $$ or was willing to put up $1 to "really" find out, so the guesswork rumors were started. AND AS WITH ANY RUMOR it is put out there to DIVERT FROM the Truth.  I paid my attorneys mucho $$ to find out IN WRITING from an AG Office WHOM THE REAL RAT WAS . . .. and the envelope please . . ... a Mr. Craig Meyers of International Golf Mangement GEORGIA (a disgruntled fired by me former subcontractor) . .  . under advisement from a Mr Al Elia of Surebet FLORIDA . . . . so sorry Tournament Promotions and HIO Clearing House its ALL  . . a MATTER OF RECORD.

This can also be VERIFIED by my attorneys and another company in this industry, or PAY for full discovery and find out for yerself


Hole-in-WON director president & CEO for over 25 years Kevin Kolenda

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