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48 states do NOT have a state statute that defines Hole In One prize providing as an Insurance Product. 1 state HAS a statute that says they will defer to the other state(s).

SOME STATE Regulators have an "opinion" ha ha . . .  and we all know the classic definition of opinion? Right? Everyone has one :). Then why has NOT ONE OF THESE ARROGANT SELF SERVING PAID BY THE TAXPAYER "public" servants. . . GONE TO THEIR STATE LEGISLATURE and PUT FORTH A DEFINITIVE STATE STATUTE. BECUSE THEY NEED THE ASISTANCE of the PUBLIC and the overriding opinion is that 88-94% of the Public do NOT Agree with them!!!!! So why do they get involved? Solely for Self Promotion and MAINLY MONEY $$$  FINES $$$ . . . Did I say $$$ ?!?  DUH . . .they dont care about Public Opinion the yNEED to FEED and to support their BROKE-ASS Departments or  broke-ass state budgets. UGH
This was or has NEVER been DECIDED UPON ANYWHERE that  "Black" it is Insurance or "White" it is NOT Insurance. What this product and service I created and serviced to is allowed in every country in the world AND all 50 states as NON Insurance or ALLOWED. 46 states do not even want to be involved in this discussion. AS WAS STATED BY Ms. Kiernan fron the CT State Insyrance office way back in 2001. In order for anything to be classified or "considered" as a "potential" insurance product it has 4 Main components or categorys. 3    have been ABSOLUTELY decided upon in many Courts that IT IS NOT INSURANCE and does NOT Fall under that departments jurisdiction. In the 4th category there are multiple moving parts and in order to be considered an  insurance product and subject to a cease & desist or possible licensing it must have 60%+ of the varaibles. AND These varaibles are not stagnant??? Let me see if we can simplify this over 25 years and 100,000 events ONLY 40 have fallen into this classification AND THAT WAS PRE 2001. THE STATE of CT OR ANY STATE IS HOLDING ITS HAT ON 40 events out of 100,00 A LIFELINE of 0.0004%. THAT IS UTTERLY F'N (sorry we dont swear its just put here to emphasize the audacity of the stupidity or the wasteful spending) that a stae will go to get a Win?

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ONE of these BROKE-ASS STATES SPENT APPROX 3/4 to 1 MILLION SSS to PROVE That this product 0.0004% "MAYBE" Insurance.