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Kevin Kolenda

YES Kevin Kolenda is working on a book started it over 3 years ago, should be out in 2014 with a little luck
its a wild ride of a story about how a person goes from associating with every everyday hometown individuals in early life throw in some well known mobsters then to  High Level politicians later in life and how the POLITICIANS were EASILY the MOST CONNIVING IN TROUBLE DESPICABLE FRAUDULENT HUMAN BEINGS w 1 SENSATIONAL REVELATION that will SHOCK EVERYONE PROBABLY AROUND the United States. Make Elliot Spitzer & Anthony Weiner look like Choir Boys. Such an abuse of power that will leave you appalled

tentatvely to be titled "Behind Blue Eyes"

HTTP://www.hole-in-won.com/HIOrule-breakers.htm  THE REAL UNPAID Hole in One
claim story
  STATE of CT knew about this 16 years ago THEY WERE WRONG - HAD STORY UPSIDE DOWN - JACKASS BACKWARDS as well as hoodwinking journalists and other state officials to back them. They just believed in SHOOT FIRST ask Q?s later. That they were so powerful, they could override or ride out the facts, get them suppressed CENSORED than try to deal with the embarrassing truths. WHY because they thought that had Unlimited $$ (that they could waste and not be held accountable, like in the old days for CT) and would NEVER admit a wrong . . . . . rather spending Millions of dollars and wasting taxpayer time and money over a simple subjective argument that will never have a definitive answer on a level of shoplifting gum. When a judge tells a CT state official "Are you outta your F'n mind" do ya think they would drop the case? No they come back 5x's as hard with more wasteful legal wranglings costing states millions.

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