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Kevin Kolenda Been to Las Vegas over 50x's. Stayed for over a month once and 2 weeks twice LOL and did all the Vegas all the time. No-One does that and lives to talk about it. LOL  Played over 30 golf courses.Stayed at Mandalay bay The Hotel the most. Mandalay bay, MGM Grand, Stardust, Mirage, The Dunes, Stardust, Tropicana, Golden Nugget Bellagio, and Fremont street
and it is Brutally hurting right now. NO $$ and ALL people are desperate. Lawyers, Judges Cab Drivers even people whom you may count on will rip you off for a $1 these days.

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FAVORITE Cities are always
1. NY NY
2. Las Vegas
3. Charleston, SC
4. Reykavik