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Kevin Kolenda page . . . so the facts FINALLY GET in the way of the sensationalized stories. After 16+ years of  INEPT CT government regulatory persecution and crucifying, where these bureaucrats  put Public Relations, Press Release and notoriety goals above the truth and created a cover-up for having the Golf hole-in-WON story "jackass backwards" plus a major waste of money, state officials time, simply to OVER ride all of their mistakes and misinterpretations.

The truth is so embarrassing to these CT officials, otherwise why would they DEMAND that this website BE SHUT DOWN, blatantly violate the first amendment, Instead of "manning up".

(for 20 years our lawyers "rightfully so"  told us not to talk publicly) Its important especially now, the true other half of the story can be told, as it's leaking out in small bits anyway over the internet, the CT government cant stop it anymore or ran out of press release sheep.

its just too good of a bizarre bureaucratic jackass backwards government gone wild tale, from what has been reported, to ignore.

As TWO Connecticut judges put it ever so eloquently and simply TO the state :

1.) " I SEE THAT !  when told Mr. Kolenda should not even been here

2.) "Are you outta your F'N mind"  in an arbitration room, not in open court

 Officials, journalists, politicians just could not resist the free publicity and press that was brought to them. WTF-CT! WTF-CT and wtf to others, CT post The Hour, Cablevision that just got Hoodwinked with "Old School" press releases "they always thought was the truth" without doing an ounce of due-diligence ?

 Lance Armstrong manned up that he defrauded his contests, we turned him down, WE KNEW? It happens, people cheat, don't know the rules or make honest mistakes,  its kinda sad.  WHAT was worse is: CT politicians Didn't BELIEVE that individuals break rules. Come On?!? Because then, the state would be wrong and I would be right . . . . Can't admit that, then they would look like rank amateurs wasting money and years of court time.  We showed them, day after day SEE


they still went for 20 years to try to prove their case . . . Gotcha here, Gotcha there wasting over a million of taxpayer money to prove this doesn't happen People don't cheat at sports ? and I was wrong? Lets move onto and see in my book, the specifics of their bumble-fug reasoning.

"Rules are NOT made to be broken"
nor Contractual Law is to be shunned, because some high ranking CT state officials could use some publicity and say so.

its past the 11th hour, this 16+ year ONE-sided blasphemous story is almost over. Its run its false course, NOW get the shocking other side of how low politicians, state officials will stoop to save their job, image, office or believe they can do whatever they want.
 Its just SO WRONG.