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Kevin Kolenda

There is some very desperate Hartford officials that see that their offices have spent & Spent and NOW? where do they get $$ to operate. SUING? and Persecuting Entrepreneurs? Come on :) Do you expect one man to make up for 10 to 30 NOW 100 million in AG office expense budget. THATS INSANE
NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH in CONNECTCUT 2012. Unbelievable !?!

THE WORST of the WORST. OUR prevoius AG was voted WORST AG by CEI Competitive Enterprise Institute

It needs to be said that we still come in contact with some amazing state officials.But the shoot first ask Q?'s later activism approach is still dominant
The previous AG office created a House of Cards of Lawsuits. No different then Madooff, you have to keep suing to pay for previous lawsuits. 30,000 open cases? Especially since the $$ has dried up. Our deep respect goes out to the new CT AG and states attorney office and individuals that have to clean up this mess. I know some are working to do the right thing and put my case to bed. But 10+years of recklessness, BS Press stories and still no two sides have been presented (my side has never been presented. this is just a "snapshot")  There is so much more and much more alarming facts. That is WHY similiar web sites has been asked to be shut down.
We have no disrespect for the latest AG Mr. Jepsen and Mr Sullivan Insurance commissioners as they were dealt this hand from their predessors and there are some very fine people on the AG staff.

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